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Single-Take Recording

A single-take recording begins on a selected track at the playhead position and continues until you stop recording. This is an excellent recording method when you’re practicing or just want to quickly record a musical riff, melody, or idea so you don’t forget it.

The result is a single region containing whatever notes were played while recording. This method is similar to recording video or using a voice recorder: The hardest part is the performance. Of course, with Software Instrument recordings every part of the recording is editable, so no worries. Also, you’ll use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible to keep your hands on your instrument (computer keyboard) rather than a mouse or trackpad.

In the next series of exercises you’ll create a single-take recording of the bass part for the Dog Walk Ditty’s first verse. Let’s get started:

  1. Select the Fingerstyle Bass track header. The region within that track is the Fingerstyle Bass part that you will record.

  2. Press Command-D to duplicate the selected track. An empty Fingerstyle Bass track appears in the timeline below the original track.

    This is the track where you will record your bass part.

  3. Press C or click the Cycle button to show the yellow cycle area on the top half of the ruler. The cycle area should be from bar 9 to bar 17.

  4. Press the Up Arrow key to select the first Fingerstyle Bass track. Press S to solo the selected track. Press E to show the selected region in the Score Editor.

  5. Press the Spacebar to start playback and listen to the bass part. Follow along with the playhead in the editor as it plays the notes in the Fingerstyle Bass region.

The part is very simple to play (by design). Let’s give it a try using your computer keyboard.

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