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Share the Song with iMovie

When it’s time to get your musical masterpiece out of GarageBand and into iMovie, you can share the song directly between apps.

Sharing a song with iMovie is a relatively simple process.

  1. Open the My Songs browser.
  2. Tap Select, and tap the song you want to open in iMovie (4.29).


    4.29 Yes, those icons are askew. They shake when you’re in the selection mode.

  3. Tap the Share button.
  4. Tap the Open In button.
  5. Enter the optional artist, composer, and album info, and select an appropriate audio quality (4.30).


    4.30 Adding info and choosing audio quality

  6. Tap Share. GarageBand exports the song.
  7. When prompted, select Open in iMovie (4.31).


    4.31 Open in iMovie.

  8. In iMovie, select a project or create a new movie (4.32). The song is dropped onto the audio track (4.33).


    4.32 Choose an iMovie project.


    4.33 Song added in iMovie

Going Further with GarageBand

Since this book is about video and not music, it isn’t possible to cover all the nuances of GarageBand here. There are, however, great resources available, even within the program itself. The manual is always only a few taps away. On the iPad, tap the Info button, and then tap “Learn more about the control bar.” You can access the complete manual by tapping the Table of Contents icon in the upper left, or search the manual by tapping the Search button. On the iPhone, tap the Settings button and scroll to the bottom of the Song settings to open GarageBand Help.

The iOS version of GarageBand has a lot of great features, but many more editing and mixing options are available on the Mac version. To share a GarageBand for iOS project with GarageBand for Mac, you have two options: iCloud and iTunes.

Share via iCloud

To share a project via iCloud, navigate to the My Songs window and tap Select. Choose the song, tap the iCloud button, and choose Upload Song to iCloud (4.34, on the next page). The song becomes available on all devices that use your iCloud account.


4.34 iCloud upload

Share via iTunes

In this scenario, iTunes acts as a go-between to transfer the project file from the iPhone or iPad to GarageBand on the Mac.

  1. Open the My Songs window and select the project.
  2. This time, tap the Share icon and select iTunes, then choose the GarageBand option to save the multitrack GarageBand project (4.35).


    4.35 Saving the file for iTunes

    The song’s file is saved in a special storage area of the device reserved for GarageBand that iTunes can access.

  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer.
  4. On your Mac, select the device in iTunes and click the Apps tab.
  5. Scroll down to the File Sharing section and click the GarageBand icon.
  6. Select the project and drag it to your desktop; or, click the Save To button and choose a location (4.36).


    4.36 The project in iTunes

    You may see a message saying that GarageBand has to download additional content to your Mac for compatibility. This shouldn’t take long, and only has to happen the first time you open GarageBand for iOS projects on your Mac.

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