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Animating Transformations

Now you’ll learn how to animate changes in scale or rotation. These kinds of changes are made with the Free Transform tool or with the Transform panel. You’ll add a third car to the project. The car will start small, and then become larger as it appears to move forward toward the viewer.

  1. Lock all the layers on the Timeline.
  2. Insert a new layer inside the cars folder and rename it Left_car.

  3. Select frame 75 and insert a new keyframe (F6).

  4. Drag the movie clip symbol called carLeft from the Library panel to the Stage at frame 75.
  5. Select the Free Transform tool.

    The transformation handles appear around the instance on the Stage.

  6. While holding down the Shift key, click and drag a corner handle inward to make the car smaller.
  7. In the Properties inspector, make sure that the width of the car is about 400 pixels.
  8. Alternatively, you can use the Transform panel (Window > Transform) and change the scale of the car to about 29.4%.
  9. Move the car to its starting position at about X=710 and Y=488.

  10. In the Properties inspector, select Alpha for the Color Effect.

  11. Set the value of the Alpha to 0%.

    The car becomes totally transparent.

  12. Right-click/Ctrl-click the car on the Stage and select Create Motion Tween.

    The current layer becomes a Tween layer.

  13. Move the red playhead on the Timeline to frame 100.

  14. Select the transparent instance of the car on the Stage, and in the Properties inspector, change the Alpha value to 100%.


    A new keyframe is automatically inserted at frame 100 to indicate the change in transparency.

  15. Select the Free Transform tool.
  16. While holding down the Shift key, click and drag a corner handle outward to make the car larger. For more precision, use the Properties inspector and set the dimensions of the car to width=1380 pixels and height=445.05 pixels.
  17. Position the car at X=607 and Y=545.

  18. Move the Left_car layer in between the Middle_car and Right_car layers so that the car in the center overlaps the cars on the side.

    Flash tweens the change in position and the change in scale from frame 75 to frame 100. Flash also tweens the change in transparency from frame 75 to frame 100.

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