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From the book Exercise 2.3 Verify Administrator Apple ID Access

Exercise 2.3 Verify Administrator Apple ID Access


Use the site to confirm that you know your administrator Apple ID credentials. Confirm that you’ve verified this Apple ID.

Optionally, change the email address associated with this Apple ID.


Verify your administrator Apple ID

  1. In Safari, open
  2. Click “Manage your Apple ID.”
  3. Enter your administrator Apple ID credentials, and click Sign In.
  4. Confirm that a green checkmark is displayed next to the word Verified.

Add an alternate email address

  1. Click Add Email Address.
  2. In the Alternate Email Addresses field, enter a new email address.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Check the email client that receives mail for the alternate address you just associated with your administrator Apple ID.
  5. In the confirmation email you receive from Apple, click the Verify Now link.
  6. The My Apple ID site opens.

  7. Enter your original administrator Apple ID (not the alternate email address).
  8. Enter the password associated with your administrator Apple ID.
  9. Click Verify Address.
  10. The My Apple ID website informs you that the alternative email address is now associated with your Apple ID.

  11. Close the Safari window.

In this exercise, you confirmed your administrator Apple ID and confirmed that you can add an additional email address to your administrator Apple ID. You will later use this administrator Apple ID to purchase software that will allow you to verify connectivity to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) in Exercise 3.1, “Verify Network Service Availability,” and to purchase OS X Server in Exercise 4.2, “Install OS X Server for Mavericks.”

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