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From the author of Protecting and Using Your Devices in the Kitchen

Protecting and Using Your Devices in the Kitchen

If you bring an iPad or iPhone into the kitchen, you want the device to be easy to see and use, and protected from kitchen hazards. Stands and mounts for using iPads in the kitchen can help.

Belkin's Chef Stand ($39.99) supports the iPad as it sits on your counter (see Figure 24). It includes a stylus to control the iPad without touching the screen, saving it from sticky fingers. Belkin also makes a Kitchen Cabinet Mount for iPad generations 1 through 4 ($49.99) that uses a removable clamp on the bottom shelf of a kitchen cabinet to mount an angled iPad stand (see Figure 25).

Figure 24 Belkin's Chef Stand.

Figure 25 Belkin's Kitchen Cabinet Mount for the iPad.

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