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From the author of Tools for the Dedicated iOS Chef

Tools for the Dedicated iOS Chef

Sometimes the iPad and iPhone need a little extra help in the kitchen.

iDevices makes an iOS-compatible kitchen thermometer for roasting meat in an oven. The Kitchen Thermometer Mini consists of a temperature probe and a two-inch base unit that communicates via Bluetooth with your iOS device. Insert the probe into the meat you're oven roasting; select the desired meat setting, and cut in the free iDevices Connected app. The LED display on the base wakes when you pass nearby, giving you a color-coded update about how close to "done" the meat is. The app keeps you updated on the current temperature via your iPhone or iPad, as long as you're within 150 feet of the base unit.

Figure 26 iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini.

iDevices also makes a Bluetooth-enabled temperature probe for dedicated barbecue chefs; the iGrill ($39.99 and up) monitors grill temperature to help cooks achieve barbecue perfection.

Belkin has partnered with Crock-Pot to create the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker. This $129.99 Crock-Pot, paired with the free WeMo app and your home WiFi, lets you control the temperature and settings of the Crock-Pot remotely via your iPhone or iPad (or Android).

Finally, for the cook who relies on a scale for exact measurements, the Drop, described as an "iPad-connected kitchen scale and digital baking assistant," is soon to be released from The Blueprint, with a preorder price of $80. Drop pairs with your iPad via Bluetooth. You weigh ingredients on Drop, and it sends the measurement readout to your iPad Air, Mini, or third- or fourth-generation iPad. The app also includes recipes preconfigured with precise measurements for use with Drop.

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