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Using the Gap Tool

Gaps are the spaces between objects. There may be times when you want to change the size of two objects, but keep the same amount of space (gap) between them. The Gap tool makes it very easy to change the width or height of the objects without affecting the size of the gap between them.

To use the Gap tool to resize objects:

  1. Select the Gap tool in the Tools panel c.jpg.


    c.jpg The Gap tool in the Tools panel changes the size of objects without affecting the size of the space between the objects.

  2. Move the cursor inside the space between two objects. A gray highlight and double-headed gap cursor appear. This indicates that the gap space has been selected.
  3. Drag the cursor up and down for horizontal gaps or left and right for vertical gaps. The gap remains constant while the sizes of the objects change d.jpg.


    Click to view larger image

    d.jpg As the Gap tool drags between two objects, the size of the objects changes while the size of the gap remains constant.

  4. Use the following modifiers to change how the Gap tool works:

    • Hold the Shift key to apply the effects of the Gap tool to only the two objects closest to the cursor e.jpg.


      e.jpg When the Shift key is pressed, the Gap tool effect is applied only to the two objects closest to the cursor.

    • Hold the Cmd/Ctrl key to resize the gap instead of moving it.
    • Hold the Opt/Alt key to move the objects and the gap without changing their sizes.
    • Hold the Cmd+Opt/Ctrl+Alt keys to resize the gap and move the objects.
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