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Composing Email

When you’re in an inbox view, tap the New button in the upper-right corner to create a new, blank email (4.25). The From field will automatically be set to your default email account. Tap it to expand the CC/BCC and From fields. You can then tap From and select a different email address to send from (4.26).


4.25 A new email message. Oh, the possibilities.


4.26 Select an account to send from.

Once you’ve settled on an email address to send from, type an address into the To field (adding addresses to the CC and BCC fields works the same way). As you type, your Fire will suggest email addresses of your contacts (4.27). Tap the contact that you want to send to, if they’re listed. If not, continue typing the email address.


4.27 As you type in the To field, suggestions from your contacts appear.

Alternatively, if you know the person you want to email is in your contacts, you can tap the Contacts icon. This brings up your list of contacts. Scroll through them, or enter a name in the search field at the top (4.28). Tap the person you want to send to.


4.28 You can search your contacts directly.

You can also quickly add VIPs and recent contacts to an email message by opening the right panel (4.29). Your VIPs and recent contacts are listed. Tap any or all of them to add them to the message.


4.29 While you’re composing an email, the right panel displays VIPs and recent contacts.

If you’re emailing someone in your contacts and they have more than one email address listed, how do you make certain you’re sending the email to the right address? Tap their name in the To/Cc/Bcc field, and a menu will drop down that includes all the email addresses for that contact (4.30). The email address to which this email is addressed has a checkmark next to it. To send to one of the other email addresses listed, just tap the address and the checkmark moves to that address.


4.30 For contacts with multiple emails, tap the To field to select another email address.

To remove addresses from any of the recipient fields, tap the address and tap the Delete key on the keyboard.

Tap the Subject field to add a subject to your email. At the end of the Subject field is a paper clip icon that allows you to attach files to your email. Tap the paperclip to bring up the Attachments menu, which has the following options (4.31):


4.31 You can attach photos, videos, or files to email.

  • Attach a Photo: Tapping this brings up the pictures on your Fire’s camera roll (4.32). Tap the one that you want to attach to your email, and you’ll see a large preview with two icons below it. Tap the X to pick a different photo; tap the checkmark to select this one. When you select a photo, it is added to the email in the attachment section under the message field (4.33).


    4.32 Tap a photo (or video) to attach it.


    4.33 The attachment is displayed with an X icon. Tap to delete.

  • Attach a Video: The same as the above, only with videos.
  • Attach a File: When you tap this option, your Fire will ask you to select an app from which you’d like to attach files. Tap the app, and then select the file you want to attach.
  • Capture a Photo: Tapping this launches the Camera app so you can take a new picture and attach it to this email. Point the camera at whatever you want to snap a picture of, tap the shutter icon, and then tap the checkmark to attach it to your email (tapping the X cancels the process and returns you to your email; tapping the Camera icon discards the image you just took but allows you to take a new one). Taking pictures with your Fire is covered in Chapter 10.
  • Capture a Video: Same as the above, only with videos. Be careful of file size when sending videos via email—they can be large, and many email servers will reject email messages with overly large attachments.

An email message can have multiple attachments. Keep adding attachments until you’re done; they will all be displayed in the attachment area. Each attachment will also sport an X icon in the upper-right corner of its icon. Tap the X to remove that attachment from the email.

You’ve got attachments, a recipient, and a subject, so now all you need to do is type a message (though that is optional). Tap the message’s body field and type (or dictate) your message. There’s no limit to the amount of text you can include. You can even copy and paste text from other sources into your email.

Tap the Cancel button in the upper-right corner to discard a message. Tap the send icon sendicon.jpg to email the message. An animation indicates that the message has been sent, and you’re taken back to your inbox.

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