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One way to create perspective in an image is to use a human to give scale. This is a wonderful technique for street photographers. When you’re traveling and you want to capture an interesting building or monument, stand back and wait for an individual to enter the frame. This adds the human element to your photo while providing perspective, scale, and movement (Figure 4.22).

Another way to create a unique composition is to change your perspective. Move around, get closer to your subject, then step farther away. Take the same image early in the morning and again late at night. Change the angle of your view, get down on the ground, or climb up high. In other words, manipulate your perspective by using your feet and changing your physical location (Figure 4.23).

Figure 4.22

Figure 4.22 The human element can add scale and perspective to an image.

ISO 125 • 1/200 sec. • f/20 • 16mm lens

Figure 4.23

Figure 4.23 Photographing the same location at a different time of day adds a unique perspective.

ISO 160 • 25 secs. • f/13 • 48mm lens

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