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Step 5: Adding Feathered Strokes and Detail

To create thin, textured strokes on top of the blended forms, choose the Real Soft Pastel and reduce its size using the Size slider in the Property Bar (try 10 pixels). Stroke with this brush in the direction of the forms. (In my example, feathering is most noticeable in the highlights near the top of the closest pear—in the varied yellow colors overlaid over the pears’ more neutral colors.) Finish the piece by using the Grainy Water variant to soften the feathering in the shadow areas. To do the final blending touches, I lowered the Grainy Water variant’s Opacity to 40%, using the Opacity slider in the Property bar. Finally, I used a tiny Real Soft Pastel to add details to the stem on the foreground pear (see Figure 11).

Figure 11

Figure 11 Using feathered strokes to bring out highlights and color variations on the pear.

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