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Building Up Tone with Charcoal

With the Square Charcoal you can draw expressive strokes. Choose the Brush tool in the Tools panel and the Square Charcoal from the Brush Presets panel. To block in the first values, begin with medium grays, as shown in Figure 8. Vary the width of your strokes as you work by adjusting the size of the brush. Continue to “sculpt” the forms by adding darker values gradually.

Figure 8

Figure 8 Adding the first values to the sketch.

To develop the forms using light to medium tones, I used light to medium pressure on the stylus. I worked over broader areas first, and then gradually added more detailed strokes. Keeping the light source in mind, I added darker and lighter tones for more contrast. To suggest a cast shadow, I used grays similar to the light tones I used on the orange (see Figure 9).

Figure 9

Figure 9 In this example, I’ve laid in the light and medium grays.

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