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Customizing My Menu

An awesome characteristic of the D750 is how many aspects can be customized to suit your shooting needs. One of those is the My Menu screen. This is for menu items that you want to make available with fewer clicks. You can add up to 20 items from the Playback, Photo Shooting, Movie Shooting, Custom Settings, Setup, and Retouch menus. In Chapter 2, I mentioned that I add the Clean image sensor function to mine for easy sensor cleaning, but a few others I like to add are Self-timer, Remote Control mode, Set Picture Control, Image Review, and Battery Info. What works for me may not work for you, but that is the beauty of customization.

  1. Press the Menu button, scroll down to the My Menu screen, and highlight Add items (A).

  2. Press OK to go to the Add items screen, and highlight the menu section containing the item you want to add to My Menu (B).

  3. Press OK to see the available menu choices from that section, and then highlight the one you want to add to My Menu (C).

  4. Press OK to add the item, and use the Multi-selector to choose the position for that item in the list (D). Press OK to commit the change.

You can remove and reorder items over time, which is bound to happen as you get more familiar with the camera and your needs change. To make that menu even handier, I assigned the Preview button to display My Menu when pressed.

  1. Press the Menu button, scroll down to the Custom Settings menu, and highlight f Controls (A).

  2. Press OK, then highlight f3 Assign preview button (B).

  3. Press OK, then with Press highlighted (C), press the Multi-selector to the right to access its options.

  4. With My Menu selected, press OK to commit the change (D).

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