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Step 3: Creating a Line Sketch

For this illustration, I chose to sketch the basic shapes using the Thick n Thin Pen because it allows for drawing smoothly, while varying the thickness of the lines. To sketch a graceful, tall model, use your stylus to make sweeping, curved vertical strokes, which will suggest the outline of the model and emphasize her height. As you sketch, keep in mind the motion of her walk and the sweeping curves of her clothing. Then add a few details and accents with shorter, squiggly strokes. Figure 4 shows my loose pen sketch.

Figure 4

Figure 4 My loose pen sketch drawn with the Thick n Thin pen.

New in Painter 2015, the Particle Brushes allow you to paint organic shapes and sketch with fresh-looking (and sometimes random) strokes. Painter’s Particle Brushes use physics to paint colored particles and draw lines and patterns as you pull the brush across the canvas. The results can be random, but the result is an organic look. The three types of Particle Brushes—Gravity, Flow, and Spring—each have their own performance and behaviors. In this project, we’ll use two Spring brushes. Using these two brush types, I loosely suggested flowing translucent silk fabric and the shape of the model’s hat.

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