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To Configure iTunes

  1. In the Welcome to iTunes! window of the iTunes Setup Assistant (Figure 8), click Next.

    Figure 8 The Welcome to iTunes! window of the iTunes Setup Assistant gets the configuration process started.

  2. In the Internet Playback window (Figure 9), set options as desired:

    • Select an Internet playback option.

      Yes, use iTunes for Internet playback instructs your computer to change your Web browser helper settings to use iTunes for all MP3 audio playback.

      No, do not modify my Internet settings does not change your Web browser's helper settings.

    • Select an Internet connection option.

      Yes, automatically connect to the Internet tells iTunes that it's okay to connect to the Internet anytime it needs to. No, ask me before connecting tells iTunes to display a dialog that asks your permission before connecting to the Internet.

    Figure 9 Use the Internet Playback window to set Internet playback and connection options.

  3. Click Next.

  4. In the Find MP3 files window (Figure 10), select an option:

    • Yes, find any MP3 files I have on my hard disk(s) tells iTunes to search your hard disk for MP3 files and add them to you music library.

    • No, I'll add them myself later tells iTunes not to look for MP3 files.

    Figure 10 Use the Find MP3 files window to indicate whether you want iTunes to find MP3 files on your hard disk for you.

  5. Click Done.

    iTunes completes its configuration and displays the iTunes main window. If you instructed iTunes to find MP3 files and it found some, those files are displayed in the window (Figure 11).

    Figure 11 iTunes main window

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