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To Add Songs from an Audio CD to the Library

  1. Insert an audio CD in your CD drive. After a moment, the CD's name appears in the Source list and a list of the tracks on it appears in the Song list (Figure 12).

    Figure 12 iTunes displays the contents of an audio CD.

  2. Turn on the check box beside each song you want to add to the Library. (They should already all be turned on.)

    Click the Import button. iTunes begins importing the first song. The status area provides progress information (Figure 13). The song may play while it is imported.

    Figure 13 The status area tells you what's going on.


  • Sometime during step 1, iTunes may ask your permission to connect to the Internet. It must do this to retrieve information about the songs on the CD.

  • You can specify whether a song plays while it is imported by setting iTunes preferences. Choose iTunes > Preferences to get started.

  • When iTunes is finished importing songs, it plays a sound. In most cases, iTunes will finish importing songs from a CD before it finishes playing them.

To Add Songs on Disk to the Library

  1. Choose File > Add to Library (Figure 14).

    Figure 14 The File menu.

  2. Use the Choose Object dialog that appears (Figure 15) to locate and select the MP3 file you want to add.

    Figure 15 Use the Choose Object dialog to locate and select an MP3 file to add to the library.

  3. Click Choose.

  4. A dialog like the one in Figure 16 appears. It explains that although a reference to the file will be added to your library, the file will not be copied. Click OK.

    The song is added to the Library list.

    Figure 16 This dialog appears when you add a file.

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