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To Play MP3 Files

  1. If necessary, select the Library or playlist in the Source list that includes the song you want to play.

  2. Select the song you want to play.

  3. Click the Play button (Figure 11), choose Controls > Play (Figure 17), or press spacebar.

    Figure 17 The Controls menu.


  • When the song is finished playing, the next song in the list automatically begins playing.

To Pause Play

Click the Stop button, choose Controls > Pause, or press spacebar.

To create a playlist

  1. Click the New Playlist button (Figure 11), choose File > New Playlist (Figure 14), or press Cmd-N.

  2. A new untitled playlist appears in the Source list (Figure 18). Type a name for the list, and press Enter.

    Figure 18 An untitled playlist appears in the Source list.

  3. If necessary, select Library in the source window to display all MP3 files.

  4. Drag a song you want to include in the new playlist from the Song list to the new playlist name in the Source list (Figure 19).

  5. Figure 19 Drag a song from the Library list to the playlist.

  6. Repeat step 4 for each song you want to add to the playlist.

  7. When you're finished adding songs, click the playlist name. The songs appear in the list. You can play them by following the above instructions.


  • You can change the order of songs in a playlist by dragging them up or down
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