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Mac OS X Applications vs. Classic Applications

Max OS X supports two types of Mac OS applications:

  • Mac OS X applications are those written specifically for Mac OS X. These programs take advantage of many of the new features of Mac OS X and use its new interface for menus, commands, and onscreen display. You can usually identify Mac OS X applications by the "Made for Mac OS X" label on them.

  • Classic applications are those written for Mac OS 9.x and earlier but not rewritten for Mac OS X. These programs must be run in the Classic Environment, which utilizes Mac OS 9.1.

You don't have to do anything special to run a Classic application. Mac OS X will automatically launch the Classic environment when it needs to.


  • All of the applications that come with Mac OS X are Mac OS X applications

  • If you upgraded to Mac OS X from a previous version of Mac OS, all of the applications that were on your computer before the upgrade are probably Classic applications.

  • Whenever possible, you should use Mac OS X applications. You'll find that applications run better and faster under Mac OS X than in the classic environment.

  • The hard disk window should include two applications folders, as shown in Figure A: Applications and Applications (Mac OS 9).

Figure A A typical Mac OS X setup includes two Applications folders.

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