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Checking a Document for Errors

Pages will help you stay error free by checking spelling and grammar as you write. You can also check a word’s definition with a couple of clicks.

  1. Choose Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing.

  2. Go to page 3. In bullet number 5, the word “warrent” is misspelled, as indicated by a red dotted line.
  3. Click at the end of the word “warrent” to display some spelling suggestions.

  4. Click the × at the end of the spelling suggestions to close the suggestion bubble without correcting the spelling.
  5. Control-click the misspelling of warrant.


    The shortcut menu that appears offers spelling suggestions, and options to ignore a misspelled word or to learn its spelling.

  6. Choose “warrant” to set the correct spelling.
  7. Control-click the word “warrant” and choose Look Up “warrant” from the shortcut menu.


    A popover appears with dictionary, thesaurus, and Wikipedia entries.

  8. Click the word “Thesaurus” to open the dictionary application. It has extended definitions and hyperlinks to help you further research the selected word.

  9. Close the Dictionary window to return to Pages.

    Although you are working with Pages, the spelling suggestions are generated by the operating system. The dictionary and autocorrect preferences can be set in Pages, but they affect all applications that use autocorrection.

  10. Choose Edit > Substitutions > Show Substitutions.

    In the Substitutions window, you can set the following options:

    Convert double hyphens (--) to dashes (—).

    Convert straight quotes to curly quotes.

    Auto-detect website addresses (URLs) and email addresses and turn them into links.

    Select or deselect your preferred options.

  11. Click the Text Preferences button.

    The System Preferences open in the Text pane of the Keyboard preferences. Any changes made here are applied systemwide.

    By default, Spelling is set to Automatic by Language. If you were writing for someone in England, you might change the language to British English so that, for example, any instances of the U.S. English spelling of “color” would be marked as misspelled, or autocorrected to “colour” as you type.

  12. Close System Preferences and return to Pages.
  13. Choose Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check Correct Spelling Automatically. Make sure this default setting is selected.
  14. Type teh. Pages automatically changes this to “the.”

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