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Lesson Review

  1. In Pages, how do you edit the data in a chart?
  2. You have written a list in Pages, and selected Tiered Numbers in the inspector. Describe two ways to indent list items.
  3. You have placed footnotes on the last page of a Pages document containing several chapters. The Footnote inspector has been set to Section Endnotes. What steps are required to place the endnotes at the end of each chapter?
  4. A budget was created using a table in Pages. The currency format defaulted to U.S. Dollars. How do you change the currency to Chinese Yuan?
  5. As you type, URL references are automatically being created. How do you turn off this function?


  1. Select the chart and click the Edit Chart Data button.
  2. Use the Increase Indent or Decrease Indent buttons in the Format inspector; or drag the button number left or right.
  3. Start a new section for each chapter.
  4. Select the cell ranges. Use the Format inspector’s cell options to change the currency.
  5. Choose Edit > Substitutions > Show Substitutions. Deselect Smart Links.
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