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Drawing with the Pencil Tool

For my sketch of Marika, I wanted the look of a graphite drawing. I used the Pencil and a dark gray color in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Choose the Pencil (far left tool) in the Toolbar and then tap the Color icon to open the Color Themes. Choose a dark gray for the color. Practice sketching graceful lines with the Pencil. Figure 7 shows the start of my sketch.

Figure 7

Figure 7 Drawing from life, I sketched graceful lines to suggest the forms.

If you're using your finger or a passive stylus, the opacity and thickness of the strokes will change subtly, based on the velocity or speed of your drawing. If you're using Adobe Ink, the opacity of the strokes will change with velocity and the pressure that you apply to the pen. Figure 8 shows a detail of my drawing's loose scribbly lines and the texture of the Pencil strokes.

Figure 8

Figure 8 To suggest forms and shading, I used scribbly lines and hatching.

The pencil portion of our drawing is completed, but the piece will benefit from a touch of color.

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