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Tip 5: Build Your Castles (Houses) in the Sky

It’s obviously easier to build a house on the ground, but there are some advantages to building in the sky.

A house in the sky?! What madness is this?

Since Minecraft allows for floating blocks, you can easily place a block of dirt on the ground and then another on top of it. Now cut up the bottom one, and voilà! A floating block.

Building a floating platform for your house has a couple of advantages. First, let me show you what I mean. Start by making a staircase of blocks. It doesn’t matter which kind (although sand and gravel will fall if blocks under them are cut away), but it’s probably easiest to use something readily available, such as dirt or cobblestones. Build your staircase six blocks high, which is the height at which you can still easily add blocks while standing on the ground (see Figure 11).

Figure 11

Figure 11 A stairway to heaven.

Now add to the top level, building out away from the staircase to make a platform on which you’ll build the house. Make the platform two blocks wider and longer than you want the foundation of your house to be, giving you a one-block perimeter around the house to walk around and survey the territory from safety (see Figure 12).

Figure 12

Figure 12 Building a base for your house.

Now, build your dream house on the platform. When you’re done, put a fence with a gate around the base of the staircase (see Figure 13).

Figure 13

Figure 13 Your floating home.

What’s the advantage of a floating house? First, you’ve got a good view of your surroundings. Second, your house is effectively cut off from monster mobs. No zombies banging on your door at night, and no creepers blowing out your windows. Because the monsters can’t get close to you, you won’t have any trouble sleeping at night.

Most importantly, though, it just looks cool. This is Minecraft. Why build a house on the ground like you could in real life? Live it up.

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