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Creating circular art for a lid

A friend gave me an old lidded can printed with a pretty black and gold design on its bottom part. But the lid was chipped, so I painted it green and then searched through 1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-ROM and Book (Dover, 2000) until I found an ornament that matched the style of the design on the bottom of the can.

I autotraced the TIFF ornament in Streamline, opened it in Illustrator, and rotated copies around a central point in 40 degree increments to create a circular design. I gave the ornaments a gold Þll and black stroke and then placed a radial gradient in a circle behind them.

I printed the design on glossy photo paper, cut it out with scissors, and glued it down with PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate, an archival white glue used for crafts and bookbinding). The tin now makes a good-looking holder for homemade cookies, candies, or other treats.

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