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Step 4: Exploring the Spring Chunky Brush

Before painting your background, it’s a good idea to practice with the Spring Chunky brush. The Spring Chunky is a Particle brush that produces a texture similar to that of a broad, crumbly pastel. In the Brush Selector bar, choose the Particles category and the Spring Chunky variant. The Spring Chunky brush incorporates a little bit of value variability, which allows it to paint a subtle range of lighter or darker color. Notice the subtle varied value in my sample strokes in Figure 7. The width of the stroke and opacity of the brush also change based on the pressure that you apply to the stylus. To start the sample strokes, I used a lighter touch on the stylus, and then gradually applied heavier pressure. If you want to delete your practice strokes, choose Edit > Undo to remove them.

Figure 7

Figure 7 A variety of brushstrokes painted with the Spring Chunky brush. You can achieve rich values and textures with this brush.

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