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Building the Buzz

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Email Lists

Email lists are one of the best forms of generating a buzz within your own little world. I use them all the time to keep friends or business associates up on what I'm up to. At least once a week, I send out the official Chaz newsletter, which I call the "CHAZ-O-GRAM."

When I began doing this, I got back emails from recipients saying that they liked the title and that when they received the email, they new that it was from me so they read what I had to say. This kept it from being just another piece of junk mail. I also used my email lists to send out a Monday quote that was positive and uplifting. On Fridays, I sent out a "spazzy" story of the week, true spazzy stories that someone on my list submitted. Sometimes my friends forwarded them to one of their friends, who was then added to my list so that they could submit a story.

This became such a good idea that I eventually put the stories on my Web site. Remember, be creative and keep your friends in the loop of what you've got going on. You never know what can happen or who will get your email. It's what I call e-schmoozing.

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