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Building the Buzz

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Creative Awards

An award is something that everyone likes to get. There are awards for anything and everything these days, so why not give out your own award? All you need to do is figure out what kind of award you want to give, and then give it away. If you have a Web site about fishing, give out an online award to Web sites that are focused on fishing. All you need to do is to find sites that you like and send them a link saying that they've won an award for their informative Web site. Give them a URL where they can go to your Web site to download the award graphic, which just so happens to have your URL on it. Ask them to place it on their site, and have them link it back to your site.

Before long, you'll be generating traffic to your site, where you'll be able to sell fishing-related products (via If all goes well and you receive massive amounts of traffic, you'll be able to sell advertising banners on your site. All this just because you gave out an award.

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