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The next day, we fired off emails announcing the launch of, and promoted the site through its email and Web site audience. Right away, we were getting instant results because we had also set up a message board so that people could let us and other users know what they thought of the calculators. It was incredible—everybody flat out loved the calculators. The stories were funny and proved to be a valuable resource for helping to build that viral buzz to an ever-expanding audience. Everything was falling into place perfectly. Now all that we had to do was wait and see what kind of downloads we would get in the coming days.

By the end of the first week, we were blown away with the total number of people who had downloaded the calculators. It was a whopping 20,000 downloaded Fun Calculators and growing. Needless to say, I was smiling from ear to ear, and my client,, was extremely happy with the results. (In fact, they were ready to launch our next viral marketing site called, but that's another story.)

One of the most amazing stats that I saw was that we had a 75% download rate. As an illustration, this means that if 2000 people came to the site on any given day, 1500 of those people would give their email address and download a Fun Calculator. That was incredible, and it was almost unheard of to get those types of results. Rocket 15 did it with creativity and innovative thinking. Go figure—we took something as boring as a calculator and made it into one of the coolest downloads on the Internet.

Our agenda had been met. We created an entertaining site that was now in autopilot and was getting more viral by the minute. I now sit back and think about all those people balancing their checkbooks with the Orgasmic or Farting Calculators. I laugh and think to myself that 7 x 5 will never be the same.

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