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Publishing the Movie

As was mentioned earlier in this tutorial, QuickTime/Flash combinations must be exported as QuickTime files instead of Flash Player movies in order to work. This is because the QuickTime Player incorporates Flash, not the other way around. Flash Player is too small of a plug-in to be capable of displaying full-blown video, so part of getting the project to work properly is specifying the Publish settings from the File menu.

  1. Choose File, Publish Settings.

  2. On the Formats tab, deselect the Flash and HTML options, and select QuickTime (see Figure 14). By default, Flash will attempt to export the movie as a file named But, as you'll remember, that's the name of the source video file imported earlier. Trying to export with this default filename will cause an error.

  3. Figure 14 Select QuickTime as the format for this movie.

  4. Uncheck the Use Default Names option, and change the QuickTime filename to

  5. To make sure that the movie doesn't begin playing right away, click the QuickTime tab, select the Paused At Start option, and then click Publish (see Figure 15).

  6. Figure 15 Make sure that the QuickTime movie will not immediately start playing when it is opened.

  7. To test the movie, run QuickTime Player and then open The Navy Bay video will appear, and the Flash controls will appear as expected.

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