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Finding Unresolved Cross-References and Their Sources in FrameMaker

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New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to overcome the challenges regarding finding and fixing unresolved cross references in FrameMaker.
This article was excerpted from Framemaker 6: Beyond the Basics, by Lisa Jahred.
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If you have never come across the Unresolved Cross-References window, consider yourself lucky. If you have, you know that trying to fix cross-references that have come undone for one reason or another is a challenge.

This article shows you how to locate individual occurrences of unresolved cross-references in document files.

Locating the Unresolved Cross-Reference

If you have used the Update Unresolved Cross-References window and have not been able to get the cross-references resolved with the standard methods described in the article "Understanding the Unresolved Cross-References Window," you might need to take more serious measures.

For example, if a cross-reference marker was deleted in one of the files, you will not be able to use the Update Unresolved Cross-References window to correct the resulting unresolved cross-references. In this case, you must find individual occurrences of unresolved cross-references to see exactly what the problem is with both the cross-reference and its source information.

You can combine these two methods to locate specific unresolved cross-references and their sources in files.

First, generate a list of unresolved source information:

  1. Select Special > List Of > References. If you are working in an individual file rather than a book file, you first see a message window containing the question, "Do you want to create a standalone List of References for this file?" Click on the Yes button. The Set Up List of References window appears.

  2. TIP

    Double-click on Unresolved Cross-Refs to move that item to the Include References list. Or you can click one time and then click on the left arrow.

  3. Select Unresolved Cross-Refs from the Don't Include list and move to the Include References list. Unresolved Cross-Refs will be displayed in the Include References list.

  4. Click on the Set button. A list will be created in a separate List of References file, which will then be opened. This file is a FrameMaker file whose name is the same as that of your document plus suffix (LOR, by default). For each unresolved cross-reference, the list will contain the filename, paragraph tag, source content, and page number (see Figure 1). This information makes it easier to locate the unresolved source information.

  5. Figure 1 The List of References (LOR).

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