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Auto Sync: Perfect for Editing a Bunch of Photos at Once

So you learned earlier how to edit one photo, copy those edits, and then paste those edits onto other photos, but there’s a “live-batch editing” feature called Auto Sync that you might like better (well, I like it better, anyway). Here’s what it is: you select a bunch of similar photos, and then any edit you make to one photo is automatically applied to the other selected photos, live, while you’re editing (no copying-and-pasting necessary). Each time you move a slider, or make an adjustment, all the other selected photos update right along with it.

Step One:

In the Develop module, down in the Filmstrip, click on the first photo you want to edit, then Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) on all the other photos you want to apply the same adjustments to (here, I’ve selected a bunch of photos that need the shadows opened up a bit and sharpening). The first photo you clicked on appears large onscreen and, in the Filmstrip, you can see the selection is brighter than all the other selected images (Adobe calls this the “most selected” photo). Now, look at the two buttons at the bottom of the right side Panels area. The button on the left was Previous, but once you select multiple photos, it changes to Sync... (shown circled here).

Step Two:

To turn on Auto Sync, click on that little switch on the left end of the Sync button Now that it’s on, any change you make to your “most selected” photo is automatically applied to all your other selected photos simultaneously. For example, here I increased the Shadow amount to +22, and, in the Detail panel, increased the Sharpening Amount to 35 (as shown here). As you make these changes, you’ll see your selected images’ thumbnails update in the Filmstrip—they all get the exact same adjustments, but without any copying-and-pasting, or dialogs, or anything. By the way, Auto Sync stays on until you turn off that switch. To use this feature temporarily, press-and-hold the Command (PC: Ctrl) key, and Sync changes to Auto Sync. (Note: You won’t see the Sync or Auto Sync buttons until you select multiple photos.)

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