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Like this article? We recommend

New Keyboard Settings in iOS 8

iOS 8 introduced some new preference settings that change the behavior of the onscreen keyboard. To set your preferences, tap Settings > General > Keyboards. To turn on a setting, slide its switch to the right (exposing the green); slide left (showing white) to turn it off.

The following list describes the new keyboard settings in iOS 8:

  • Auto-Capitalize. Based on the standard capitalization rules of your language (see Settings > General > Language), this option automatically capitalizes the first word of a sentence.
  • Auto-Correction. Suggests substitutions for misspelled words—or words that iOS 8 thinks you’ve misspelled (an important distinction).
  • Enable Caps Lock. Sets the shortcut for engaging Caps Lock: Double-tap the Shift key.
  • Predictive. Turns on the iOS Predictive Text feature, which notices what you type and in which apps, and attempts to save keystrokes for you by suggesting possible word completions.
  • “.” Shortcut. With this option turned on, you can tap the spacebar twice to automatically insert a period (.) followed by a space.
  • Split Keyboard. I discuss this feature in the next section.
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