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One Process Fits All

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A single, comprehensive workflow can be incorporated and adapted by all web development teams: a set of core steps that apply to all projects. One process -- the Core Process -- fits all, with a focused emphasis on the specific needs of redesign.
This article is excerpted from Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works, by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler.
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Presenting a single, comprehensive workflow that can be incorporated and adapted by all web development teams. The Core Process, put forward in Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works in five sequential phases, is a one-process-fits-all system with a focused emphasis geared especially toward the specific needs of redesign.

One process fits all projects? Yes. The Core Process can be followed by all types of teams, for all kinds of companies, and with all ranges of budgets. Flash or HTML, complex functionality or nothing more involved than simple JavaScript rollovers, redesigned site or brand new web presence... every site shares common construction requirements. All web projects need to be thoroughly planned and defined. All need to have their content organized and structure blueprinted. All need to be designed aesthetically. All need to be built. All need to be launched. All sites. Every last one.

Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works describes what you should do (necessary), what you can do (extra), and what you should watch out for. We also highly recommend two additional processes — testing for usability and analyzing your competition. Should time and budget allow, your adaptation of the Core Process should incorporate these processes.

This overview offers a singular panorama of the entire workflow — you can actually see the entire Core Process from start to finish. It is often helpful, especially when in Phase 1, to see everything still to come. When you are building your budget, budget by task, and tick off each task in each phase as you allocate hours. When you are scheduling, you can see all the steps laid out in list format and gain a better timeline view. For project management, being able to see the next several steps at any point in the process can be valuable for staying on top of your team.

What follows here is a Cliff Notes version of the Core Process — an abbreviated overview. We also include ready-to-use tools, charts, helpful lists, and more. Here we provide a concise overview... sprinkled with a few helpful tips.

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