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Fleshing Out Your Premise

You'll need a stack of note cards or Post-It notes for this exercise. Select your favorite premise from the previous exercise. Using the premise as your guide, think up story points, writing down or drawing each point on a separate card.

These points can be as simple as "She walks down the street," and "Notices something in the window." If you have an idea for a visual gag, draw it on the card. You should simply generate a large number of ideas at this point. If the ideas don't flow readily, you might want to select a different premise.

Once you have as many ideas as you can think of, go though the stack of cards and organize the story points into a rough outline of the story. You can do this by pinning the cards on a bulletin board or laying them out on a table. Once you've arranged these cards into an outline, you have a good idea of what your story will look like.

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