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Taking Control of Pagination in FrameMaker 6

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This article takes you through the many pagination techniques available in FrameMaker 6, and shows you how to use them effectively and avoid some of the pitfalls. FrameMaker’s robust collection of pagination features combine page layout and paragraph controls that offer you a multitude of methods to control pagination. Learn how to make sense of pagination choices.
Lisa Jahred, author of FrameMaker 6: Beyond the Basics, writes a regular column for InformIT.
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Leave it to the developers of FrameMaker to come up with creative and interesting ways to paginate documents. Moving beyond simple pagination techniques, FrameMaker offers you a variety of controls that affect how documents are divided into pages.

We've all fallen prey to pages that refuse to be deleted, empty pages in the middle of a document, or pages that seem to take on a life of their own by adding themselves to end of documents. This is probably about the time when you realize there must be a method to this madness.

Pagination is easily a stress-producing monster. Before you start redoing all or some of your work, read on. A simple click here or there may just solve your pagination problem.

Making Sense of Pagination Choices

Pagination in FrameMaker is controlled from four major features, each providing a subset of controls to choose from. Any one of these controls can single-handedly be the culprit in pagination problems or it can also be the combined efforts of more than one control.

Following is a list of pagination controls that are described in detail throughout the remainder of this article:

  • The primary control for pagination, found in Format, Page Layout, Pagination.

  • The Paragraph Designer that supplies you with tools to manage pagination of individual paragraphs in documents.

  • The Special menu that presents you with a Page Break command for on-the-fly pagination.

  • A few book-wide controls that affect pagination in individual files, and always override the original fixed settings in stand-alone files.

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