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Like this article? We recommend

Applying Character Tags to Styled Text

You might end up working with documents containing lots of styled text such as bold or italic with no character tag. What is the difference between styled text and text that has a character tag applied?

  • Styled text is bold or italicized (or has some other style applied) using the Quick Access bar or Format, Style. You do not see a character tag name in the status bar after selecting styled text.

  • Text with a character tag applied takes on the font style properties of the character tag (bold, italic, or some other style). You see a character tag name in the status bar after selecting text with a character tag applied to it.

Using character tags to apply styles to text allows you to take advantage of global updates at any time during the documentation process.

Using FrameMaker's powerful Find/Change, you can easily change each occurrence of styled text, to character tagged text. This is especially helpful with imported Microsoft Word documents that come across with lots of styled text.

For this example, suppose that there is bold-styled text throughout your document with no character tag association. A character tag is included in your FrameMaker template for bold text, called Bold, which you want applied to all bold-styled text.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Find two occurrences of bold-styled text. Double-click one occurrence to select it. Apply the Character tag bold to this one only.

  2. Move to the next occurrence of bold-styled text, and double-click to select it.

  3. Select Find/Change from the Edit menu, and choose Character Format (not the tag) from the Find drop-down menu.

    The character format of the selected text is displayed in the dialog window.

  4. Click the Set button.

    You are returned to the Find/Change window. The text field next to the Find, Character Format drop-down menu is empty.

  5. Click one time in the document page.

    The document window is the active window. The Find/Change window remains open, but is not the active window.

  6. Find the first occurrence of bold-styled text that you already applied the character tag Bold to in Step 1. Double-click to select it.

    You see the name Bold displayed in the status bar of your document window.

  7. Select Edit, Copy Special, Character Format.

  8. Return to the Find/Change window and select By Pasting from the Change drop-down menu.

  9. Click one time in the text field to the right of the Change drop-down menu; press Ctrl+V (a keyboard shortcut for Paste) on your keyboard.

    Using the Edit, Paste menu does not work in the Find/Change window.

  10. Press Find and then press Change to find occurrences of bold-styled text, and apply the character tag Bold.

This is a good task for the Change All button.

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