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Applying One Paragraph Designer Property to Many Paragraph Tags

In addition to all the cool commands we have reviewed so far in this article, here's one more that will really add to your FrameMaker bag of tricks.

Suppose that you have a FrameMaker template with 40 paragraph tags. You are 200 pages into your document, and all the paragraphs in your document have the appropriate paragraph tag applied.

Now, let's say that you discover the Basic, Alignment used for all the paragraph tags is set to Justified; and you must set the alignment to Left for each of 40 paragraph tags. Your first thought might be to individually change each paragraph tag in the Paragraph Catalog. That might take a long time.

In this next exercise, I show you how to change one Paragraph Designer property for all paragraph tags at the same time, while leaving the remaining properties intact.

  1. Click one time in any paragraph.

  2. Select Format, Paragraphs, Designer, or press Ctrl+M to display the Paragraph Designer.

  3. Click the Basic property.

  4. Select Commands, Set Window As Is.

    The As Is control retains the properties of each paragraph tag, leaving them As Is.

  5. You are returned to the Paragraph Designer window. Select Alignment, Left.

    This is the only property that has an actual selection. All other Basic properties are set to As Is. They are not affected.

  6. Select Commands, Global Update Options.

  7. Select Basic Properties Only.

  8. In the Update Paragraph Formats pane, select All Paragraph and Catalog Entries.

  9. Click Update.

All paragraph tag Basic Properties, Alignment change to Left. Paragraph tag name and all other properties, including Basic properties that were set to As Is, remain intact.

You can use this same method to change any individual or series of properties in the Paragraph Designer that you want to apply to all paragraph tags in the catalog.

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