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4: Frame Your Page

If you really want to drive customers away, frame your pages. Frames are a way to display several sections of several pages all at once. This is done by dividing the screen into several segments, or frames.

Frames are bad for two reasons. First, they're confusing for shoppers. Second, frames make it nearly impossible for a shopper to bookmark a framed page if he wants to return to it later. When he does bookmark it and return, he sees only the framed page in his browser, losing any and all frames that surrounded the framed page originally.

Frames on your merchant site should be used for only one reason—to keep your navigation bar in front of your customers so they can find their way back to your site when you send them to another. For example, if you have set up reciprocal links or banner exchanges with other sites, a one-frame navigation bar directs customers back to your site from the site where you sent them.

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