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Billie has a presentation to give at school, and her father taught her that walking around the room as you present is a good way to connect with your audience. However, she needs to tap the screen on her iPhone to advance her slides (Billie likes to do everything on her iPhone, so she runs all of her presentations from Keynote [$9.99 on the App Store:] or Microsoft PowerPoint [free on the App Store:] on her iPhone). Both Keynote and PowerPoint have Apple Watch apps that act as remotes to control presentations, though the PowerPoint app is a little more full featured.

To use either remote app, you need to make sure you have either Keynote or PowerPoint installed on your iPhone. You’ll also need the Remote watch app. To see if the Remote app is installed:

  1. Launch the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone.
  2. Scroll until you see either Keynote or PowerPoint (depending on whichever app you want to use). Tap it.
  3. Enable “Show App on Apple Watch” if it isn’t enabled. If it is already enabled, that means the watch app is installed on your watch.

Both apps also require that the paired iPhone be connected to your Apple Watch. The iPhone doesn’t need to be on a Wi-Fi network for it to work, but it needs to be within range of the watch or neither of the remote apps will be able to control the slideshows.

Controlling Keynote presentations

Keynote is Apple’s presentation software, available on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The Apple Watch Remote app only controls slideshows being shown on an iPhone. If you’re presenting from a Mac you’ll need to use another solution (there is a Keynote Remote app for the iPhone that’ll allow you to control the Mac app from your iPhone).

To use the Keynote Remote app on your watch:

  1. Press the Digital Crown until you’re in the Home screen and tap the Keynote icon (Figure 4.63).

    Figure 4.63

    Figure 4.63 The Keynote Remote app icon.

  2. Keynote launches and tells you to start a presentation on your iPhone (Figure 4.64). Once you launch a presentation on the iPhone, a play button appears on the watch app with the name of your paired iPhone underneath (Figure 4.65).

    Figure 4.64

    Figure 4.64 The Keynote Remote Watch app tells you to launch Keynote on your iPhone.

    Figure 4.65

    Figure 4.65 A large play button. Tap it to start your Keynote presentation.

  3. Tap the green play button to start the presentation on the iPhone. A forward button appears, along with the total number of slides and the number of the slide you’re currently on (Figure 4.66). Tap the forward button to advance the slide presentation.

    Figure 4.66

    Figure 4.66 The next slide button, with the current slide displayed below it.

    Force touch to bring up two additional buttons: Back and Exit Slideshow (Figure 4.67). Tapping Back will take you to the previous slide and add a back button to the display of the Keynote remote (Figure 4.68). Now you can easily go forward and backward in the presentation.

    Figure 4.67

    Figure 4.67 Force touch to reveal the Back and Exit Slideshow buttons.

    Figure 4.68

    Figure 4.68 Force touch the Keynote Remote screen to display back and forward buttons.

    Tapping Exit Slideshow exits the slideshow on the iPhone.

Controlling PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint is the presentation app in Microsoft’s Office Suite. It’s available on the iPhone/iPad, Mac, and PC. Much like the Keynote Remote, the PowerPoint Apple Watch Remote will only control a PowerPoint presentation on the paired iPhone.

To use the remote with a PowerPoint presentation on your iPhone:

  1. Press the Digital Crown until you’re on the Home screen. Tap the PowerPoint icon to launch the app (Figure 4.69).

    Figure 4.69

    Figure 4.69 The PowerPoint Remote app icon.

  2. A message tells you to open a presentation on the paired iPhone (Figure 4.70).

    Figure 4.70

    Figure 4.70 Much like the Keynote app, the PowerPoint Remote app needs you to launch Power-Point on your iPhone to function.

  3. As soon as you open a presentation, the watch app displays an orange play button (Figure 4.71). Tap it to start the presentation on your iPhone.

    Figure 4.71

    Figure 4.71 Tap the play button to start your PowerPoint presentation on the iPhone.

  4. The PowerPoint Remote does a few things differently than the Keynote Remote (Figure 4.72). First off, it displays a timer so you can get a feel for how long you’ve been talking. It also has a large forward button, which when tapped moves forward in the presentation, and a smaller back button. Your slide position is displayed at the bottom.

    Figure 4.72

    Figure 4.72 The PowerPoint display time elapsed, a back and forward button, and the current slide.

    Force touch to reveal two additional buttons: Restart and End Show (Figure 4.73). Restart starts the presentation over at the first slide and End Show ends the presentation.

    Figure 4.73

    Figure 4.73 Force touch to show the Restart and End Show buttons.

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