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Using the Landscape Creative Style

When shooting landscapes on film, many photographers prefer certain types of film, such as Fuji Velvia, because of the way they accentuate fine detail and enhance the warm colors found in nature. These films provide extra saturation and contrast and bring out the colors that are enhanced by beautiful early-morning and late-evening light. Fortunately, we’re able to achieve a similar effect with the Landscape creative style (Figures 8.8 and 8.9). This creative style increases the sharpness of the image, and it provides a saturation increase to the colors relevant to landscape photography, such as greens and blues. Using the Landscape creative style not only gives you that added boost for your images, it also saves you time in postproduction because you don’t have to make some of those enhancements on the computer.

Figure 8.8

Figure 8.8 Using the Standard creative style, the colors are OK but don’t really pop.

ISO 100 • 1/20 sec. • f/11 • 16–35mm lens at 26mm

Figure 8.9

Figure 8.9 The Landscape creative style adds sharpness, a little contrast, and more vivid color to this rocky landscape.

ISO 100 • 1/20 sec. • f/11 • 16–35mm lens at 26mm

The good news when shooting RAW is that creative styles can be changed in Sony’s Image Data Converter, so you can add or change them during post-processing.

Setting up the Landscape creative style

  1. Press the Menu button and choose Camera Settings > Creative Style.
  2. Press the Center button to select Creative Style (A).

  3. Press up or down on the Control Wheel to highlight the Landscape setting (B). Press the Center button to make your selection.

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