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Using the Multi Shot Noise Reduction

Using high ISO settings is sometimes unavoidable and using the highest setting on the High ISO Speed Noise Reduction can lead to a softer look to your images. If you are photographing a nonmoving subject, you might want to try out the Multi Shot Noise Reduction. This is similar to the Handheld Night Scene mode that we discussed in Chapter 3, “The Basic Zone,” because it works by combining four exposures into a single image (Figure 8.5). This works by taking the four different exposures, aligning them, and then averaging out the random noise in each image to create one high-quality shot that has much less noise than you would get from just using the standard noise reduction (Figure 8.6).

Figure 8.5

Figure 8.5 You can get high-quality images with high ISO settings using the Multi Shot option.

Figure 8.6

Figure 8.6 The image on the left was created with the Multi Shot option. The noisier image on the right was created with standard noise reduction settings.

Setting up the Multi Shot option

  1. Press the Menu button, navigate to the third shooting menu, select High ISO Speed NR, and press set (A).

  2. Select the Multi Shot Noise Reduction option and press Set (B).

  3. Adjust the camera to your desired exposure settings.
  4. Press and hold the shutter release button once, and the camera will take the four exposures and then display the resulting JPEG image.

The Multi Shot option will stay active until you change the High ISO Speed NR setting or turn off your camera. It will reset once you turn the camera back on.

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