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Keep from Accidentally Erasing Memory Cards

This is a small tip, but one that can save your hide when you’re out shooting in the field. If you keep your spare memory cards in a card holder (and for the sake of your cards, I hope you do), there’s a simple routine the pros use to keep track of which cards are full and which cards are empty and available for quick use. They turn the full cards backward in the case (with the labels facing inward), so they can instantly tell which cards are available for use (the ones with the labels visible) and which ones are full. The next time you’re shooting in a fast-paced environment (like a wedding shoot or a sporting event), you’ll be glad you adopted this system. Also, if your camera uses SD memory cards, there’s a small switch on the cards themselves that keeps them from being erased, or reformatted, or...well...anything. So, if you know you’ve got a card of shots that you want to protect, just pop the card out, slide the switch to Lock, and you’re set.

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