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Color Me Awesome

Now that you’ve completed your pre-color script, it’s time to move on to the big time and complete your color script. With your PCS as your guide, pull up your original storyboard sequence and begin to work out the colors for each board. The principal color that you already selected will help keep you focused on the look you’re going for in each scene. Take the colors that you identified in your PCS and integrate them into the board. Once you do that it’s time to select colors for the supporting cast of characters, backgrounds, and props in each shot. Again, I urge you to go with your gut and always consider story above visual awesomeness. And oh...

Remember the important and simple tips I’ve outlined on the following pages when organizing color for your films. They represent the wisdom of experienced art directors and production designers whose decades of heart-wrenching trial and error led them to see the light. Take heed of their tips, or else their endless suffering will have been all for naught!


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Kim Dulaney, Airbnb. Lead art direction and design. Character design by Lauren Indovina. Directed by Marco Spier and Marie Hyon. Produced at Psyop

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