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61 Look Away

Why does everybody think they have to be looking at the camera? Maybe it’s because those old-school cameras couldn’t take good action shots, so the photographer would have everyone stop and look at the camera. But those days are gone. I do only one or two “look-at-me” poses in each outfit during an engagement session. The rest is of the couple looking at each other, or at least toward each other. Or maybe they’re not looking anywhere at all because their eyes are closed! I get a lot more feeling in a shot when the bride’s eyes are closed than if she and the groom stand there looking at me. (“What are you doing here, dude?”)

So, they can look at each other, they can close their eyes, or one can look at the other while the other looks off—there are so many combinations. If you start telling your couples where to look, the rest will fall into place. You can even start by just saying, “why don’t you just head over there and hang out with each other for a bit.” It works, trust me!

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