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Converting Documents to Accessible PDF

Microsoft Word 2000 and FrameMaker 6 make it easy to convert source documents to accessible PDF. Perform the conversion as you normally would, with the exception of one setting that you must select to enable the tagged or logical structure that makes PDF files accessible.

If you are working in Microsoft Word, the following steps show you how:

  1. Select Acrobat, Change Conversion Settings. The Acrobat PDFMaker 5 for Microsoft Office window is displayed.

  2. Click the Office tab to display its settings.

  3. Change all items under General to the checked position.

  4. Change all items under Word Features to the check position except for Page Labels. Page Labels refer to the way pages are numbered in Words number system. For example, if pages are numbered according to chapter, the second page number in Chapter 3 is 3-2. This can be very confusing while using a screen reader, and may sound something like "three to two."

  5. Check Embed Tags in PDF under Document Tags. This is the key to creating a tagged PDF file. If you do not check this item, the PDF file will not be accessible.

FrameMaker 6's PDF settings are a powerful array of tools that allow you to include the logical structure in a file. Here's how:

  1. Select Format, Document, PDF settings. The PDF Setup window is displayed.

  2. Click the Structure tab to access its settings.

  3. Move paragraph tag names to the Include Paragraphs list to indicate paragraphs that you want included in the PDF structure.

  4. Use the arrows located directly under that list to indicate the hierarchical structure level.

  5. When you have finished, enable this feature by clicking Generate PDF Logical Structure.

  6. Click the Set button. You are returned to the document window.

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