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Exercise 4.1 Manually Install Software Updates in a Classroom

If your instructor has chosen to download any software updates and distribute them as part of the student materials, you can follow these steps to install them. Your instructor will tell you whether you need to do this.

Install Updates from StudentMaterials

  1. In the Finder, open the Lesson4 folder in the StudentMaterials folder. Remember that you created a shortcut to the StudentMaterials folder in your Dock.
  2. For each software update in this folder (note: your instructor may additionally specify an order in which they should be installed), do the following:

    • Open the disk image file. After a short time, a new volume mounts. It contains the update package.
    • Open the update package. The installer opens and walks you through the installation process.
    • Continue through the installer prompts, and agree to the license agreement if required.
    • When prompted, authenticate as Local Admin again (password: ladminpw, or whatever you chose when you created the account). Installing software updates manually requires administrative privileges.
    • When each update has installed, click Close or Restart as appropriate.
  3. Repeat these steps until all the updates have been installed.
  4. If you did not restart, eject the disk image or disk images before proceeding. You can do this by Control-clicking in the background of the image’s window and choosing Eject from the shortcut menu or by using the Eject button next to the disk image’s name in the Finder sidebar.
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