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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

2.6 Exercises

  1. The ability to differentiate between different types of surfaces and materials, as well as determining what makes up the surface, and what gives the material its quality is an important talent to develop.

    Look at the photographs of materials and textures at the beginning of this chapter and see if you can start to distinguish the features that make up each surface.

    Identify what the common differences are between the virgin and textured samples.

    Look for patterns, lines, specks, and dots that describe the textures.

  2. We have expanded the idea of developing an eye for looking to one of developing an eye for collecting. It is important to know what you need to collect and what to leave on the street or in the magazine. At first, it may be difficult to be selective. With experience and time, and management of your morgue, you will soon have a varied and impressive collection.

    Start setting up your own morgue by creating categories such as: types of materials, types of reference, colors, genre styles, preferences, likes and dislikes, and so on.

    Begin gathering photographic references from the sources I mention in the text.

    Go to architectural suppliers, stores that cater to home improvement, furniture and bathroom stores, and so on, collecting as you go.

  3. Start experimenting with picture taking. Get to know what it is you need to watch out for when collecting your own reference.

    Experiment with different types of film stock, lighting, and situations.

  4. Like the pictures at the end of this chapter, rediscover your own photos and look at them in this new way.

    Scrutinize how materials meet or fit together.

    How perfect or imperfect is this joining?

    How would you re-create this in a painting or a 3D program?

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