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Autofocus Points

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AF Point and Camera Orientation

Some cameras allow you to store the AF point by orientation. This allows you to to change the camera from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait, and the AF point will switch along with the camera orientation. This enables you to have a point selected when shooting portrait orientation and instantly change to a different point when shooting in landscape orientation, saving you a lot of time if you switch between the two when shooting. This is a huge time-saver for me when shooting concerts, because I don’t have to keep readjusting the focus point every time I switch camera orientation.

On the Nikon cameras, this is controlled in the menu system, where you can choose to either store the points by orientation or not (Figure 4.14). In Figures 4.15 and 4.16, you can see that the same focus point is chosen no matter what the orientation, while in Figures 4.17 and 4.18, the AF points are now dependent on the camera orientation.

Figure 4-14

Figure 4.14 The menu system on the Nikon D750 enables you to store the focus point by camera orientation.

Figure 4-15

Figure 4.15 The focus point is placed squarely on the dog’s face when the camera is held in landscape mode.

Figure 4-16

Figure 4.16 When the camera is turned to portrait mode, the focus point is way off to the side, meaning that to get it back on the eye of the dog, it will need to be moved each time the camera orientation is moved.

Figure 4-17

Figure 4.17 The focus point is right on the dog as it runs on the beach. When I turn the camera to portrait orientation, the camera remembers which focus point I was using, so when I turn the camera back to landscape orientation, this focus point will be active.

Figure 4-18

Figure 4.18 Once I set the AF point in portrait orientation, the camera will use that point until I change it. It’s like having two different active points: one in portrait orientation and one in landscape orientation.

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