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Dreams Made Real

If is Marcel Duchamp, then is Reane Magritte. We've exited the world of methodless Dada madness and entered the world of tenuous surrealistic logic. Cryptic navigation and nonlinear hierarchy combine to construct a sort of vague, Jungian diary. If you come to a dead end, just back up and click on something else. As you wander through dream7's loopy, technicolor world, you're introduced to a number of hand-drawn characters such as Gradientgirl and the mysterious Dodeva (who likes the color polka-dot). dream7 is a weird but friendly place, with lots of pretty shapes. You may even stumble over the dream log and fall into a house made out of the sun. (Hey, it could happen!) And if dream7 seems to mean more than it portends, Lewis Carol would have surely agreed (archetypically, of course).

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