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Mutant Lo-Fi Faux Functional Machine Interface Gimmickry

If a late 1950s missile guidance system had married a Commodore 64, their offspring would be institutionalized at Bleeps, burps, blinks, knobs, sliders, faders, spinning wire-frame 3D graphs—all simultaneously serve no purpose whatsoever. c404 has been evolving for a while now, and I'm happy to report that the newer Shockwave elements look just as glitchy and low-res as the animated GIF classics I've come to know and love. There are three selections: .com for commercial design, .cc for small experiments, and .tv for larger experiments. celebrates interface for interface's sake—interface fetishism, if you will. If you've ever reminisced longingly about the heavy, gliding roll of the chrome knobs on your dad's old Marantz amplifier or you've ever wished to hear that reassuring plastic "click" as you insert your Asteroids cartridge into your Atari gaming console, then c404 is the site for you.

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