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Like this article? We recommend

Understanding the Resulting Documents

Each resulting document offers a simple way to examine changes from one document to another. Figure 2 shows you an example of text in a composite document. The strikethrough text is marked as deleted, and the underline text is marked as the insertion. You gain an understanding of document changes at a glance, and can decide from there which changes are appropriate.

Figure 2 The additions and deletions are clearly defined with conditional text indicators.

The summary document offers you an even simpler method to view changed information in a document. Rather then paging through the entire composite document, you can quickly jump to changes in the composite document from revision line items in the summary document.

Notice that the summary document is created as a view-only document (locked). You cannot edit the document while in view-only mode. To unlock the document, press Esc Flk. Toggle back to view-only with the same key combination.


To activate hypertext links in a summary document, you must turn on Create Hypertext Links in Summary from the Comparison Options window.

The summary document is broken down into three sections:

  • Documents. Provides you with the names of the older and newer documents.

  • Number of Changes. Provides you with a list of the type of changes, such as text, tables, anchored frames, and the number incurred in each file.

  • Text Content Changes. Provides a revision list of the actual changed text, the nature of the change, and the corresponding page number in the composite, newer, and older documents.

To view source information in either the composite, newer, or older documents, click one time over the page number in the appropriate column in the Text Content Changes section (see Figure 3). The area becomes highlighted, and FrameMaker jumps to the source information.

Figure 3 The page numbers in a summary document are hypertext links to the source information.

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