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Like this article? We recommend

Setting Smart Clip Parameters

Now that the Smart Clip is all set, you can add an instance of it to the Stage and set its parameters:

  1. Select the Calendar Control layer, and then drag an instance of the Calendar Control symbol from the Library to the Stage. Position it at X: 18.8, Y: 230, which is under the photo and to the left of the large white text area (see Figure 13).

    Figure 13 Use the Info panel to position the Calendar Control symbol.

  2. Open the Clip Parameters panel, and you'll see the CalendarUI.swf file displayed within the panel itself. Type _root.GetDiaryEntry in the SendDateTo field, 2001 in the ShowYear field, and 1 in the ShowDate field (see Figure 14).

  3. Save the file and use Test Movie to export it.

    The calendar control should display January 2001, and you can click any of the dates and scroll between months.

    Figure 14 Use the Clip Parameters panel to specify which date will be displayed initially.

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